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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

20, Aristofanous Str. (4th floor), 10554 Athens Drive me


Admission: Free
Opening: 09.02.2018, 19:00
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The series of domestic objects, named do_as is created by the assemblage and re configuration of different elements from our domestic culture (such as bricks, wooden sticks, metal rods, funnels, bowls, buckets, reeds and grids). Acting in-between architecture, art and design, Kotionis follows a methodology of collecting and documenting fragments of the contemporary living spaces in the urban and regional households. He focuses on the materials and elements of the new urban culture as well as the resisting cultures of the open air living and urban gardening in regional Greek cities. After the documentation, the collections’ elements are being drastically transformed for new domestic performances. Initially the assemblages were presented in museums in the form of artistic installations, and then the do_as methodology emerged for designing and constructing objects and furniture for the everyday living.

Do_as is a series of furniture created by gathering and assembling different elements of wood and other domestic material under a light iron support system. The design methodology is analogous to the methodology of cooking by using the practice of recipes. The materials to be used, their quantities and their combinations create the structure of new domestic objects and furniture. Every assembled object can be dis-assembled and its structural elements can be reused in the composition of new objects. The sustainable design methodology, proposed by Zissis Kotionis is open to infinitive variations leading to new forms of furniture for interior and open air domestic spaces.

In the space the combination of a lighting installation and the do_as furniture create a unique domestic assemblage. As a background for this living space the collection of elements, sketches and construction drawings are shown as an archive of the do_as artistic practice of design and creation.

During the exhibition artists and poets are hosted to reflect by their actions on the do_as experience.
Zissis Kotionis is a PhD architect, writer and artist. He is a Professor in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly. He has published eight books on architecture, theory, urban culture and narrative poetry. His architectural work has been awarded, exhibited and published internationally. His artistic projects have been exhibited in museums and international exhibitions. His work includes artistic performances, installations and public art practices. In 2010 he was co-Commissioner of Greece in the 12th Biennale of Architecture, Venice.