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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou
Opening: 18.10.2017, 20:30
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In celebrating 60 years of uninterrupted service, and in following up on its initiative for the rescue of Neapolis as the Cultural Center of Athens, the Hellenic American Union is currently presenting in its premises a tribute series of events, in which the romantic past coexists with the creatively gravid present of the district. The tribute series of events begins with the dual exhibition #NeapolisAthina: both now and then, curated by the art historian Louisa Karapidaki.  A rich collection of photographic and archival material, sourced from public and private archives and institutions, sheds light on the past of Neapolis, while the collective visual arts exhibition of 31 contemporary artists, who reside in or are otherwise affiliated with the area, serves to highlight the district's cultural present.