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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

Alma Contemporary Art Gallery

24, Ypsilantou Str., 10676 Athens Drive me
Exhibition: 11.06.2020, 11:00

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:00-14:30 & 17:30-21:00
Wednesday, Saturday: 11:00-15:00

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ALMA gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Encounters, with works by five emerging artists. Ira Vitali, Andreas Ganas, Christos Katsinis, Sofia Papadopoulou and Andreas Spiliotopoulos present their work to the Greek public, for a month from June 11 to July 11.
When I approached Maria Almpani and suggested an exhibition showcasing emerging artists, I thought about the following: my personal faith in them and the artistic quality of their work, their artistic breadth and the steady and continuous evolution of their artistic output. I have known these five artists for many years, and I know that each of them wishes to present a true image of themselves to the viewer. Therefore, the main purpose of this exhibition, besides acquainting the public with the work of these five emerging artists, is to allow viewers the opportunity to decipher the hidden codes of each.

Ira Vitali exposes the purity of beauty within barren landscapes and strips beauty of its sanctity, altering the ideal, so that signs of decay, and eventually guilt, appear before us.

Andreas Ganas relies on the simplicity of the form and the delicacy of the color pallet, to create a familiar, charming and hospitable shelter for all of us.

Christos Katsinis destroys childhood memories by creating patterns with rhythmic repetitions, thus bridging the gap between the lost years of childhood and sudden adulthood.

Sofia Papadopoulou, through her poetic collages with thousands of small excerpts from memory, tries to appease her existential karma by turning it into a functional nirvana.

Andreas Spiliotopoulos declares himself a hero, and embarks on a personal, albeit delayed, revolution, in a vacillating juvenile adulthood, where his imagination and our reality will accompany him forever.

My hope is that those who witness their Art will understand that these artists are anxious to push the limits and test the endurance of art, without guilt or superficial and ephemeral impulses. Talent does not constitute a gift. Rather, it is the result of a painstaking and time-consuming process, as well as of decisions and actions intertwined with our egos.

Curated by: George Kazazis
Text translation: Yota Dimitriou