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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou
Opening: 28.02.2020, 19:00

Monday-Friday: 17:00 -21:00
Saturday: 12:00-16:00
(Closed on Monday 02.03.2020)

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Resides and works in Athens
A collective exhibition

A three-storey house in the heart of Exarcheia in Athens, becomes the field of action for a group of ten artists who explore and transmute their environments as sites of psychic-mental processes and states of affectedness (disorders, traumas, oscillations, modes of recovering and rebalancing etc.), through the use of photography, video and sound. The artists involved in the project all reside and work in Athens. In their fragmented everyday life, they inexorably yield to “multitasking”, in full accord with the dominant socio-economic and behavioral model of their era. Their daily activity is split into diverse forms of production. They live as internal "nomads" moving amidst a closed existential landscape of multiple ever-changing speeds and imploded time. Every once in a while they slow down unexpectedly. They pause, set up their equipment to "document". They abandon the prey for the shade. The selection and arrangement of their works as a unity did not result from topic-based criteria (such as: the city, art in public space, urban culture etc.), but from a purely ergo-centric approach, emerging from the specificity of each individual work of art. All works involve projections on two-dimensional surfaces, forming a mosaic-like overall composition, rich in morphological and contextual qualities, textures, sensitivities, tonal values, degrees of introvertedness/extrovertedness, varying significantly in each project.

Participating artists: Vicky Betsou, Vera Chotzoglou, Taxiarchis Diamantopoulos, Christina Dimakogianni, Gabriella Gerolemou, Yannis Karpouzis, Marietta Kavvadia, Vladimir Necakov, Alfredo Pechuan, Michaelangelo Vlassis-Ziakas.

Lectures and presentations of the artists' work will take place during the exhibition.

Georg Georgakopoulos, Vicky Betsou, George Harvalias, Dimitris Ginosatis