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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

New Works

Admission: Free
Opening: 28.02.2020, 20:00

Tuesday-Friday: 11:00-20:00
Saturday: 11:00-17:00
temporarily closed until further notice

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Allouche Benias Gallery is pleased to be announcing the opening of New Works by Robert Nava and Michael Polimeni (Bäst). The artists from Brooklyn will display their works at the entry level of the gallery, offering the public a quick look in the untamed life of New York city.

Michael Polimeni’s works surprise us with his intense range of color, combined with playful forms and the resourceful use of cloth. Rough lines and colorful stripes in harmony and confidence, depict a life behind the scenes. His work mirrors the reality of a society, constructed by assemblages. His radical portraits and cityscapes lead to the realization of the true emotions. Polimeni’s collaged masks have the power to break the city’s silence.
He retains his contemporary beat, including elements of pop art and expressionistic energies. He incorporates fractions of the real world into his artworks, whether they be newspapers or trash. He has the ability to modify actual material to create ‘mutated characters’ and scenes, as he calls them. His revolutionary work forces us to surrender in front of his world. His will to solve the mystery behind the canvas overcomes the distance between gallery and the outside world.
Robert Nava’s brutality is innocent. Subconscious mega-creatures have a life of their own on his canvases. His art is more an experience rather than anything else. It exists in a parallel universe, where time stops in front of the power of the image, creating a never-ending adventure; sometimes a nightmare. Inspiration derives from everyday insignificant and bizarre situations. The little minor incidents, the neglected and overheard happenings and sayings are stimuli for artistic creativity. His art, even though seemingly naive, is more intricate and even disturbing at times in this intense blend of innovative fusions of his fantastical beings. The result is energetic, powerful canvases that always connect with an aspect of the observer’s thoughts.

Having studied at Yale university, he has obtained the technical skills of a great painter, only to reject them in order to gain the audacity of spontaneous painting. Being free of restrictions, forgetting the perfect way to do things, he now finds more opportunities in his sketching. His obsession in the elements of composition, more importantly the dominance of line and its intense qualities that allow optical crescendos, is eminent in the dynamic of his paintings. Driven by the surprise of mistakes, he amazes himself by creating surrealistic figures, distanced from the world of adulthood.

In this collection of new works, the unspecified ambience of the artists’ portraits whose transformation progress has yet to complete, states that everything can be anything. Large scaled chaotic artworks with emerging details, often resembling faces, everyday objects and geometrical shapes, reveal a humorous rendition of life. They create the impression that even inside this hieroglyphical anarchy, some order can be discovered. The characters of escaped ghosts from video games and dragon-like horses are floating freely in unclear backgrounds with seemingly violent weather conditions. Little detail twists combined with the energy of the color palette, create intense emotions of uncertainty. The only valid assumption is that these characters are alive, they have strong personalities, they breathe air or fire and make us feel the wind caused by their movements.