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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

Benaki Museum (Pireos Str.)

138, Pireos & Andronikou Str., 11854 Athens Drive me

Icebergs from Genesis to Extinction

Admission: Regular: 7€ / Reduced: 3,5€
Opening: 16.10.2019, 20:00
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Icebergs flawlessly exemplify a celebration of random wandering and ceaseless transformation. The mysterious, often solitary, journey of theirs into waters recon twofold personality- above and below the sea level, deifying not only  the power of pendre l’ eau, but, also, their importance in the climate change.

Water becomes the ultimate procreator, too in a binary way of being both obvious and obscure. Icebergs suit the case par excellence. The majestic world of their 90% below the water line, yet rebelling at stagnation, forms a solid rock bottom, while their tip manifests a dichotomy between the fragility of a crystalline structure and the prowess of a marble-like construction.

This is what Fokion Zissiadis captures, at an unusual glance, through his lens, above and below the Arctic Ocean Horizontal Line, revealing the awesomeness of the icebergs’ compact physique. More so, Zissiadis photographs attempt to add to the mystery of scenery conquered by the icebergs’ drift trajectory, and their buoyancy so faithful to Archimedes’ principle.


Icebergs from Genesis to Extinction