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Odyssey II - One day pop up show

Admission: Free
Exhibition: 09.10.2019, 18:00
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Phoenix Athens invites you to the ONE DAY POP UP SHOW by residency artist Effie Milos.

Odyssey II maps the journeys made by Greeks to Australia and Greek Australians  back to Greece. The notions of separation, loss and belonging are explored through various mediums and techniques used throughout Milos’ practice.

Odyssey II refers to the great courage of the young Greeks to embark on the long and arduous trip, leaving behind the familiar for the unknown. Milos associates those experiences to the ones of the current immigrants seeking refuge around Greece and Europe. The artist examines the importance of reconnection to ones’ roots. The next generation of Greek Australians travelling back to their roots aiming to connect via culture, language and a narrative that has traveled with them. Milos aims to highlight their drive to find something that feels familiar, their need for belonging. 

The mediums and techniques used for this body of work (marble, thread, paper, watercolours) along with the use of traditional hand sculpting techniques represent a strong connection with the history of Greece at a time of prosperity and glory. Milos is linking the hand made process of working with marble to the hardship of hand labour which most migrants endured in order to survive economically both in Greece and Australia. This exhibits the firmness and durability of the faith each traveller has when embarking on their journey to Greece or Australia.