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Sub Rosa Space

37, Praxirelous Str. (3rd Floor), 10560 Athens Drive me

In Total Presence

Admission: Free
Performance: 14.09.2019, 21:30
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Welcome back to Athens, Athens. Hope your holidays were hot.

And now: Join us for our first performance of the season.
In Total Presence, by Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir.

As per usual:

An occasion to contemplate and be disturbed, to reflect and be delighted.

"Golden, oily, dripping skin of the performed body resembles a vehicle’s chassis, with its mechanical yet erotic movements of a golden age. Exploring the influences, effects and symptoms of generation and species. Objectification, machine and body, dreams, desires, Sci-fi and new age, nature and future...ruins and creation. Optimism and cynicism, worship and degeneration...The angel identity is removed in order to survive in a future world. Changing a symbol of empathy and belief, sexualized innocence and fantasy into something unrestrained, fluid but cynical. An earthly, wingless worm driven by egotism, survival and self-destruction. In a screen centered world of image reproduction, objectification and idolatry, mediation and technical framing; screens, windows, cameras, lenses and metal glass objects, enable images to be seen out of their original context and replicated. Surveillance, recording and monitoring. Where life, death, religion and technology serve as iconic artifacts of human culture. Experience of identity, rebirth and the delusion of regaining control. The angels identity change carries symbols of sickness, pain, healing and escape. Worship and improvement has turned into degeneration. The performed human body-product of internet and porn culture, dances or resists, becomes immersed in experiencing every moment to the fullest, reminiscent to oil production and engine lubricants for driving a lifestyle… in total presence."

Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir is a stage and visual artist, born in Reykjavík.
This performance is supported by The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists.

In Total Presence