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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

Aumorfia showroom

29, Kolokotroni Str., 10562 Athens Drive me

Unseen* extended

Admission: Free
Exhibition: 17.05.2019, 12:00


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After the huge interest in the “Unseen” and the request of all those who didn’t make it last Friday & Saturday, we are extending the exhibition for this Fri & Sat 17-18/5, 12:00-18:00

*Unseen | /ʌnˈsiːn/ | not seen or noticed Selected works of photographers Spiros Strogilis and Fotini Masika at Aumorfia showroom "We are a creative duo from Athens, Greece. Spiros & Fotini or Fotini & Spiros - it doesn't really matter who comes first, we're in this together. With a background on arts and graphic design, photography came along naturally and gave us new perspective. Moving mostly in an urban environment we're trying to capture the ordinary that goes unseen, solely because of its mundane existence, and transform it to something beautiful. From the subtle infatuation with monochrome details (Fotini) to the greater picture filled with colors (Spiros) one sees our different yet complementary approach on the medium.
The goal though remains the same for both of us: to look closely, to see further, to create and evolve through the process."

Unseen* extended