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1, Pireos Str., 10552 Athens Drive me

Young and Restless #1 | Platforms Project

Admission: Free
Opening: 15.05.2019, 13:00

Friday, Saturday: 13:00-18:00
and by appointment

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-parallel event of Platforms Project 2019

The two independent spaces, 'Υλη[matter]HYLE at Omonia and Space 52 at Keramikos, combine their forces, with their co-presentation of two brilliant young painters, Andrei Nutu from Romania and Adonis Stoantzikis from Greece. This double exhibition expands in both spaces and includes paintings and drawings, that interprets the human experience from the narration to knowledge and from experience to spirituality.

Andrei Nutu

The project aims to create a juxtaposition between spirituality and the contemporary world. Being of relatively low interest in our current society, spirituality finds itself often at odds with day to day activities, the two culminating in self-rejection and strong incompatibility. The aim of the Metanoia project is to address a subject which has already been discussed thoroughly in most artistic currents, but whose presence is neglected in modern-day visual arts. We refer to spirituality and its place in our current society. The project analyzes the subject by looking at the complex connection between body and soul. In order to gain knowledge about the sacred dimension, one must first change the perception of the profane dimension, a change which is adequately described by the concept of "metanoia". Thus, the process of "metanoia", meaning the process of transition from one frequency of existence to another, might occur by starting from the aesthetic experience of the visual reading that it represents. The works reflect the conflicting of transition or even ecstasy, made possible on the border between the two dimensions. The emphasis does not fall on the color and the vitality of the surrounding world but on the interior light, intrinsic to reality but perceivable only at the spiritual level.

Adonis Stoantzikis

Adonis Stoantzikis investigates the concept of storytelling and, more specifically, the ways in which human experiences elaborate through narrative thinking in order to produce functional knowledge. He uses narration as a mean of interpretation, knowledge, and communication that man uses during his lifetime and through it he perceives, understands and impersonates his experiences, while at the same time he shapes his representations of the world that determine his actions. Narrative thinking helps us to develop a coherent line that connects the random events of our lives and gives meaning to our personal, endless series of coincidences. In addition, his work deals with ways of narrating. How these are matched and determined by the stories we hear and read during our lives. He thinks that we are a "collage" of narratives that we collect from other people's stories. Through his work, he tries to investigate, either in visual or written form, how the combination of narratives we receive during our lives is shaped. That's why, for the needs of his production process, he is borrowing other people's stories, which he degrades on individual elements and which he then rebuild in an attempt to create new narratives with more personal reference points.

Young and Restless: Andrei Nutu and Adonis Stoantzikis

Opening: Wednesday, May 15
at Ύλη[matter]HYLE, 1 - 6 pm &
at Space52, 8 pm – until late

Pireos st. 1, 2nd fl. #7
[email protected]
+30 2114106439

Kastorias 52
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Young and Restless #1 | Platforms Project