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Five Visual Artists from Israel

Admission: Free
Opening: 12.06.2018, 19:00
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On June 12th, 2018 will open the exhibition with five Israeli artists at The exhibition is set under the auspices of the Embassy of Ισραήλ στην Ελλάδα | Israel in Greece on the occasion of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel (1948-2018).
The idea to organize this exhibition with five Israeli artists was born in 2016, when I visited Tel-Aviv (in Hebrew means “Spring Mound”) for the first time, because my gallery was participating at Fresh Paint 8 Art Fair, an institution where I still take part. 
I was overwhelmed by the liveliness of the city that never sleeps with the careful architecture (Bauhaus buildings at such frequency as anywhere else in the world), organized with incredible respect to the environment and those with mobility difficulties, friendly to cyclists, an extroverted city, where art states its presence wherever you turn your gaze. There are sculptures everywhere, many sculptures, in balconies, in windows, on the façades of enterprises, in parks. There are extraordinary museums, where sometimes you don’t have enough time to visit all their exhibitions. And there are artists everywhere and the new artistic scene that searches identity.
Today I have the pleasure to see my vision of the exhibition with the Israeli artists taking shape thanks to the positive response of the Embassy of Israel in Athens to my proposal. The five artists, who were chosen for this exhibition, represent different sides and dialects of the contemporary Israeli art scene. The artists will be present the opening night of the exhibition. 

Sharon Glazberg’s video work “Hidden Lake” presents a ritual reminiscent of a rite of passage, the acceptance of a young boy into adult society. 
Esther Cohen's paintings are inspired by rituals, narratives and cultural aspects and by the relationship between the wild and the man-made. 
Aviv Keller’s embroidery work is a personal language that he has developed as a result of his research for new means of expression. He regards it as a painting and uses the knowledge and tools he has acquired as a realistic painter. 
Vera Vladimirsky explores her personal biography - As part of settling into the life of Israel, her parents and she moved between many different apartments. For this project, she returned to all the places she once called “home”. She photographed the neighborhoods, the buildings and the apartments where other people now live. 
Liat Elbling employs different media and disciplines in the aim of introducing a discussion surrounding the values of photography and reflecting on its nature. 

Five Visual Artists from Israel