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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou
Rebecca Wilcox creates a poetic non-narrative using sound through voice, noise, texts, videos and installations that materialize the texture of these sonic structures in tangible forms. She has lifted information from various sites and surfaces informing the work: taking rubbings and moulds, incorporating textures which don't easily impart clear information. Wilcox is exploring flatness and surface within her moving image work too, looking at the crossovers in digital surfaces, poetics and diegetic sound. She is playing with a simultaneously up-close and distant image, relevant to writing and its haptic and visual connotations.  Her texts, simple yet non-comprehensible, disorientate the listener and reader, bringing out various dimensions in the in-between of words. Her spoken segments, songs-like, create an uncanny rhythm and bring to the fore the importance of affect. They are emotionally charged but at the same time conceptually-driven, disputing this problematic differentiation. The meaning in her work is generated by allusion, the omission of words and intonation. Processes of layering and erasure often come into play, both visually and audibly, as a way of thinking through the contrasts between being swamped by and refusing to take part in a reproduction of information.

Snehta Residency

47, Drosopoulou Str., 11257 Athens Drive me
Opening: 15.12.2017, 20:00


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