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Insomnia - Iranian Artists Exhibition

curated by Tima Jam
Admission: Free
Opening: 05.11.2017, 18:00

1st Collection: 05.11.2017-14.11.2017

2nd Collection: 16.11.2017-25.11.2017

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I close my eyes, only for a moment
And the moment's gone
I take another pill, but it doesn’t work for me anymore.
I close my eyes again. All shapes and colours are playing in my mind…

Silence!Darkness has fallen.
Everywhere, people are sleeping to forget reality and to find lost paradise in their dreams. But she cannot sleep easily. The concerns of modern life make people unhappy and her more so. Beacuse only insomnia gives her that visual intuition; that understanding of society, past and present.
She is trying to avoid hibernation, she wants to protect the illusions which are so vital for producing her artwork. She tries to avoid the epidemic of sleeping medication that sterilise the thoughtful mind.
Insomnia provokes her unconscious into challenging the real world, to search for reality and memories of the surrounding environment. Although insomnia for the audience can be a bitter, violent experience; for the artists it is an essential tool for composing their mind and their art.

The collection ‘Ιnsomnia’ presents the artistic expression of 52 selected Iranian artists with different mediums and techniques, such as painting, sculpture, photo and photomontage, which shows that, in fact, for artists, insomnia does not mean that they do not dream – on the contrary – it gives them the strength to visualise their expression by keeping them more focused.

Tima Jam 2017
Bluerhino foundation

Insomnia - Iranian Artists Exhibition