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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou

Back to Athens 8

65, Patission & Ioulianou Str., 10433 Athens Drive me
Opening: 01.07.2021, 16:00
Add to calendar 2021:07:01 16:00:00 2021:07:04 23:24:00 Europe/Athens CC | Cinematic Cabinets @ Back to Athens Festival CC | Cinematic Cabinets @ Back to Athens Festival - More informations on /events/event/3208-cc-cinematic-cabinets Back to Athens 8 Konstantinos Argianas
The artistic endeavor CC | Cinematic Cabinets aims to address emerging issues around the intertextuality between both the history of cinema and the filmic medium itself and the contemporary artistic practice.
Eight visual artists activate the mezzanines of the first floor of the Isaiah mansion, transforming them into a peculiar exhibition topology. As heterotopias inside the building, these small and claustrophobic cabinets convey memories of the former help, which interwove with the contemporary artistic interventions.
In a two-way communication between new media and traditional art mediums, such as painting and sculpture, the participating artists explore personal and collective narratives, in which the past intersects with the present and the future as well: nostalgia, unfamiliarity, love, ambiguity, playfulness as well as the abnormal and the monstrous are at the epicenter of the exhibition, which ultimately raises questions about the fluidity not only of the boundaries of artistic genres, but also of human memories and emotions.
The exhibition is presented in context to Back to Athens 8 International Arts Festival #backtoathens2021

CC | Cinematic Cabinets @ Back to Athens Festival