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State of Concept

19, Tousa Botsari Str., 11741 Athens Wednesday-Friday: 16:30-20:30 / Saturday: 13:00-17:00 / or by appointment Drive me


curated by iLiana Fokianaki
Admission: Free
Exhibition: 25.09.2020, 20:00
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*For the safety of visitors and following the guidelines, the number of the visitors inside our space will be limited. We kindly ask all our visitors to wear a mask and keep the required distances.
Opening: Friday 25 of September at State of Concept from 14:00 to 22:00
Exhibition Duration: September 25 - November 14
Curated by iLiana Fokianaki
State of Concept is proud to present the work of Russian collective CHTO DELAT in their first solo exhibition in Greece, entitled "When the roots start to move and get lost"
The collective has been making it their task to carefully craft a collective proposition on the commons as an artistic path, through an embodied politics of care.
The group is preoccupied with realizing a lot of (im)possibilities in relationship to the power structures that concern education and its systems.
In Greece, the collective uses the encounters between what has come to be known as the West with the rest of the world, from a Russian perspective of a geopolitical positioning that stands somewhere in between.
The exhibition will present an array of video works and textiles from their decades-long trajectory, as well as a new commission, that is conceived together with The Open School for Migrants Piraeus and puppeteer Stathis Markopoulos, co-produced with the Framer Framed institute of contemporary art from Amsterdam. One common thread evident in the practice of CHTO DELAT, is how strongly connected their work is to the idea of repair and regeneration.
The collective Chto Delat (What is to be done?) was founded in early 2003 in Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism. The name of the group derives from a novel by the Russian 19th-century writer Nikolai Chernyshevsky. In 2013, Chto Delat initiated an educational platform The School of Engaged Art in Petersburg, and also provide resources for a space called Rosa’s House of Culture. The activity of the collective takes responsibility for a postsocialist condition and actualization of forgotten and repressed potentiality of the Soviet past and often works as a politics of commemoration. The collective strongly focus on the issue of cultural workers’ labor rights and the politics of comradeship. Their artistic activity uses a range of media—from video and theater plays, to radio programs and murals—it includes art projects, seminars, and public campaigns. From its inception, the collective has been publishing an English-Russian newspaper focused on the urgent issues of Russian cultural politics, in dialogue with the international context. These activities are coordinated by a core group including Tsaplya Olga Egorova (artist), Artiom Magun (philosopher), Nikolay Oleynikov (artist), Natalia Pershina / Glucklya (artist), Alexey Penzin (philosopher), Alexander Skidan (poet and critic), Oxana Timofeeva (philosopher), Dmitry Vilensky (artist) and Nina Gasteva (choreographer).