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Sojourn / online | Home as Office

curated by Amalia Vekri
Admission: Free
Screening: 09.06.2020, 00:00
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Sojourn / online
18 May through June

Curated by Amalia Vekri

Excellent fruit is uneaten.
The noble one obtains a wagon.
The ordinary person removes his hut.

There is an excellent option to continue with, which hasn't been used yet. Taking that chance allows one to get somewhere, not talking it means losing what one had.

A woman loses her carriage-screen.
One should not run after it.
Seven days to regain.

Losing something that exposes one. No need to run after what was lost. After a bit of time it will be regained.
(I Ching oracle)

In uncertain times people tend to look at the stars for answers; attempting to predict a future within the mysterious fog, through alternative systems of belief not defined by the ‘normalised’ power structures. When reality seems ambiguous, many love a tarot reading or an astrology consultation, in order to find some reassurance.

Through the next month, I will be selecting a series of works that explore themes of magic, the metaphysical, astrology, fortune telling to be broadcasted on our website.

Tomorrow 9th of June we present a film by Valinia Svoronou, Home as Office.

Svoronou based her film, Home as Office (2017) in a local J.D. Wetherspoon’s pub branch called The Coronet in Holloway, London. Originally called “The Savoy”, a listed art deco building, it was used from the 40’s until the late 80’s as a cinema, the last film it screened being Blade Runner, before being remodelled into the current pub space. Svoronou explores how the purpose of the space followed a growing generation of people living in the area, in parallel with the mutations of the architectural space changing with time. The film recreates a tech noir narrative and atmosphere, with the aid of 3d rendered imagery and direct motion captures on the actual pub space to speculate on a narrative appropriated from the same cinema genre. Furthermore, the film investigates appropriated aesthetic tropes of design and ornament as bearers of a specific era and their resonance, or reflection in a possible present; thus the spectre's of modernism act as hauntological features which retain resonant echo's in our current times.