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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou
Performative Exhibition: 27.02.2020, 20:00
Add to calendar 2020:02:27 20:00:00 2020:02:27 20:00:00 Europe/Athens Synaēsthesia Synaēsthesia - More informations on /events/event/2848-synaesthesia Booze Cooperativa Georgia Liapi, Synaēsthesia Femme Collective

The event series "Synaēsthesia" will transform a heritage building in the heart of Athens to an experimental space for the exploration of the connection of all human senses. Linguistically "Synaēsthesia" defines the merge of the five human senses, which are usually realized separately. While re-creating this phenomenal exception the curators of the event, are introducing a sensory compilation of smell, sound and optical sensations.

Greek and international artists of various fields of practice are employing different approaches on each one of the human senses, and release a multi-sensory experience operating at the intersection of experimentation and aesthetics.

Following the successful inaugural event series in Berlin, the collective consisting of Eva Mikelatou, Laura Mrls, Veslemoy Rustad Holseter and Alexandra Koumantaki are now introducing Synaēsthesia to Athens.  ZERO TOLERANCE

This event is about enjoying and sharing music in an open and safe space. Synaēsthesia collective is committed to providing a harassment-free space and any case of harassment or violence will not be tolerated and will result in immediate banning from the event. Please respect each other and enjoy this common creative space