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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

Onassis Cultural Center

107-109, Syngrou Ave., 11745 Athens Drive me

Body Politics

curated by Katia Arfara
Admission: Regular: 7€ / Reduced, Friend & Groups 5-9 people: 6€ / Groups 10+ people, People with disabilities - Companions & Unemployed: 5€
Performative Exhibition: 26.10.2018, 19:30
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Your body has a voice. Six artists from different corners of the planet whose works showcase the body as a field of research, but also as a tool for making political claims in today’s world.

In six solo pieces, the body becomes a field where norms and exceptions, the accepted and the forbidden, conservatism and freedom collide. It becomes a field of confrontation, a tool for claiming emancipation, human rights, acceptance, becomes a field of expression for gender identity, but also a space for encountering difference, encountering the Other.


BE CAREFUL Mallika Taneja
What’s it like to be a woman in a country where you are always considered the guilty party just for being female? Indian theatre artist Mallika Taneja forcefully combats this reality in her irony-infused piece.
26-27.10.2018 | Upper Stage at 19:30

A “macho” man routine performed by a woman, Philippino Eisa Jocson. Is this “gender loop”, this androgynous dancing image enough to question our clichés about sexuality, economy and social mobility?
26-27.10.2018 | Exhibition Hall at 20:30

FARCI.E Sorour Darabi
How can a person who doesn’t want to have a gender speak of identity? A daring artistic proposal from Sorour Darabi, whose native language, Farsi, makes no distinctions on the basis of gender.
26-27.10.2018 | Upper Stage at 22:00

AND SO YOU SEE... Robyn Orlin
A unique “one man show” about racism and freedom by South-African choreographer Robyn Orlin.
29-30.10.2018 | Upper Stage at 19:30

Nadia Beugré from far-off Ivory Coast, just a breath away. A mountain of empty plastic bottles, a powerful performer who sings and dances, the audience on stage.
29-30.10.2018 | Exhibition Hall at 20:30

TO REST ON A SLOPE Danya Hammoud
Can a body make visible the forms of violence hidden in a gesture, a gaze, or in the distance we maintain from one another? Lebanese choreographer-explorer Danya Hammound articulates a choreographic language of her own, in a spare, contemporary performance.
29-30.10.2018 | Upper Stage at 19:30

Body Politics