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Phoenix Athens

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A Manifesto of Ecology

curated by Christina Makri
Admission: Free
Opening: 12.07.2018, 20:00
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Phoenix Athens is pleased to present A Manifesto of Ecology showing works by Nora Chellew,Tom Faber, Tracey Fischer, Eleni Kolliopoulou, Thomas Anthony Owen, Mary Conroy.
A MANIFESTO OF ECOLOGY touches upon ecological issues expressed through a wide range of mediums. The 6 artists communicate their concerns and views on how ecology might or might not be encompassed in our lives and the art world. The audience will have the chance to start their experience by focusing on the notion of environmentalism and ecology and travel to the importance of the body within the ecological system. The medium and the use of different materials hold an important role, since the range of materials refers to the notion of materiality within the ecological context. By including sculpture, video, performance and zines, this exhibition showcases a rounded meaning of ecology captured from different viewpoints.

Nora Chellew's Sustainability Guide and Interactive Booklet for the Living and Practicing Artist Or How To Best Operate As An Anti-Capitalist Consumer revolves around the ecological choices an artist can make throughout their career. Nora has adopted a humorous approach to describe how the artists can make ecological decisions in their lives that would improve society and the environment. Contrastingly, Mary Conroy with her sculptural piece Metamorphosis 2 draws upon the physical relationship between nature and the ecosystem, skillfully touching the boundaries of art and design. Looking closely on Splinter, Rescind, Folded the layered imagery by Tom Faber, the viewers are able to rethink and reevaluate the relation of environment and art through the multiple layers of rendered imagery. Thomas Anthony Owen explores the environment and viewer experiences, through a series of workshops and performances that will run throughout the course of the exhibition. It Can Bloom Now utilizes movement and conceptual practices, including poetry somatic research choreography in various locations near the gallery space. Eleni Kolliopoulou’s video work Zwischen Between 1 and Kolaps/ Urban Poetry deals with the theme of the urban environment and the body in relation to ecology. The loss of preservation of the ecology and the ecosystem that once had its home in religion is explored in Tracey Fischer’s work which explores the duality and conflict between canons of patriarch as well as with archetypes of female divinities and saints.

These different approaches to ecology and art are a way to rethink and reevaluate the importance of ecology today. The artists have used their skills and ideas to make a solid statement on the current need to become more connected with our ecology system and nature.

A Manifesto of Ecology

Tom Faber, Rescind