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Αυτό το κάτι άλλο

Admission: Free
Event: 09.06.2018, 20:00
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Panepistimiou 42. At the junction of the two corridors of a commercial arcade, a place seems to host a different experience of time. A bar stood as a millennium tree; since its creation in 1954 it has shared a lot of stories from a very close to a wide liquid surrounding. The proximity of the first courthouse of Athens giving it a fictional presence.

Nowadays, it’s still sharing many common moments with its neighbourhood, a lawyer, a photographer and residential complex. Like this old photographic shop transformed into a project space repainted and renamed Stoa42. This bar without name, just this geographical information ‘ΕΞΟΔΟΣ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥ’ (Exit Panepistimiou) on its facade, definitely works as a knot, where things merge spatially and temporally.

There, through a continuously working screen, we got the opportunity to approach Athens in this parallel way. Layered with many connected stories. From the collective memory of the past to the personal memories of the story-tellers of this place, through the blurring created by shared movies. Past, present, fiction loose their clarity there, and are experienced at the same level.

Αυτό το κάτι άλλο