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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)


3-5, Anaxagora Str., 105 52 Athens Monday-Sunday: 09:00-20:00 Drive me
Opening: 08.12.2017, 20:00

Saturday-Thursday: 14:00-22:00

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How to arrive somewhere. Not anywhere, but somewhere. How to articulate something that is not yet. It takes a clear mind, and a clear view. A clear view of the clear mind, to articulate --------.
-------- are legion: reflexes, gestures, accommodating manoeuvres, posturings, precise complex articulations, random actions, practical and aesthetic patterns. Sometimes displayed openly, sometimes hidden or so minimal as to be only internally identifiable. All of them can be, and have been, analyzed in terms of space, time and energy. Together these elements differentiate one -------- from another and give each a unique identity. Depending on the nature of the -------- one element may predominate, but the others always contribute by supporting and refining the --------.
In one example, the primary time element is augmented by the direct use of confined space and a light degree of energy. Both expressive and practical, it contributes to, and mirrors human growth and development. As instinctive forces, intuitions, rhythms and passions drive us to respond to unspoken needs and desires, interpreting the continuous flow of internal and external signals and determining the appropriate form of action.
 How to arrive somewhere. Not anywhere, but somewhere. How to articulate something that is not yet. A comprehensive intelligence apprehends other realities and adjust accordingly. Since the discovery of the neutron and the positron, it seems that in the cancelling out of the positive and negative charges, just the electron mass transforms into radiation energy and the proton mass is retained. The neuromuscular system - muscle contraction, nerve stimulation, touch sensation, adrenaline formation, muscle fatigue, oxygen depletion - provides a parallel flow of feedback along with our sensitivities to gravity, pressure, breath tension and verticality.
How to arrive somewhere. Not anywhere, but somewhere. How to articulate something that is not yet. -------- are legion.
Text by Clearview

Hyperlink is an Athens based run project. Hyperlink is a series of art events, an assemblage with an ongoing organization structure. Hyperlink is dedicated to organize and present independent and self organized art exhibitions. DIY is choice and politics and Hyperlink is a self organized toddler. Hyperlink supports and promotes artistic collaboration and explores the relationships and interconnections that are emerged. Hyperlink was formed in 2017, but is constantly forming. Hyperlink is open to new ideas. Hyperlink believes in the mistake. Hyperlink is run by Dimitris Gketsis, Alexandra Koumantaki & Yannis Voulgaris.