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Vorres Museum

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My power lies in the love of the People

curated by George Mylonas
Admission: Regular: 5€ / Reduced: 3€
Opening: 13.11.2017, 19:30
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My power lies in the love of the people", is the title of the exhibition by Constantinos Papamichalopoulos to be presented at Pyrgi, the Vorres Museum Folk Art section on November 13. Taken (obtained/borrowed) from the renowned slogan of the crown, the exhibition title gives the genre in the artist's work presented in Ian Vorres’ home.

Constantinos Papamichalopoulos converses with tradition, with 25 works that were specifically created to be masterfully hung (placed) among pieces of sanctuary doors, faience, post-Byzantine icons and objects formerly of daily use, currently high (important) folk art items, obtained by the great collector over many decades.  In the current exhibition, the artist is sometimes portrayed (depicted) as a crowned king, sometimes as a "comrade" in military uniform and sometimes as a leader of a Bolivarian country.  He places fish cadavers as war machines right out of Hieronymus Bosch’s world next to battleships of the Greek fleet and introduces (places) delicate animal-shaped “ladies of the court” and grotesque military figures face to face with glorious heroes of the Greek Revolution or royal portraits, to implement his particular (individual) gaze in Greek tradition.

His artworks do not just share the same space with the Vorres Museum Folk Art exhibits, but also techniques and genres, thus creating narratives at parallel times.  His painting, egg tempera on gold leaves, is meticulous in its every detail.  It comments upon situations (circumstances) and symbolisms, by highlighting images that have created (established) consciences and eventually attempts a conversation with a very timely past.

My power lies in the love of the People