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Solo Exhibition - Mr. Savethewall

Admission: Free
Opening: 01.06.2017, 20:00
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From Como, Italy to Athens, Greece!

Mr. Savethewall is an artist from Como who uses the stencil technique to create works of art on simple or everyday surfaces like cardboard, wood, metal or post-consumer materials.
His is an art which disturbs, one that puts forward ironic, provocative and iconoclastic messages regarding social and political themes and current events.
One of his first acts of urban disorder involved his roaming the streets of Como putting up posters with the image of a spray can and the written message : “Dear wall-defacers/graffitists, if it were art we would buy it, instead we have to pay to have it removed” to denounce the degradation of the city and its walls.

Solo Exhibition - Mr. Savethewall