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Cover series: #9 Kostis Velonis

Alma Contemporary Art Gallery

24, Ypsilantou Str., 10676 Athens Drive me

So-Called Reality

curated by Maria Almpani
Admission: Free
Opening: 23.01.2020, 19:30
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The art of Mozes Incze addresses the multiplicity of reality and explores the complexity of human presence in contemporary society. “When the point of view is changed, the subject of observation may appear in a different form. If the analysis is continued, the essence found behind the variant is the same: the manifestations speak about one truth, but in other words […] As a human, I am exposed to the changes of space and time. As an artist, I work on these experiences from the perception to phrasing, adding my words, my images to the existence… What you see around, is the so-called reality.” His painting is largely about the experience of the European painting tradition in our time, the pictorial self-identification of the man present in the 21st century. He explores issues relating to contemporary technological advancements and astutely observes the disastrous consequences they often have on human lives. His rendering of the human body as well as his colour palette and his use of chiaroscuro are often reminiscent of the baroque tradition. On the other hand, his narratives and spatial dimensions, as well as his stagnant figures with covered faces bring to mind the rendering of the human condition by surrealists like Dali and Magritte. Boldi is constantly on the search for the ideal form and figure. Following the tradition set forth by Romanian sculptor Brancusi Boldi, aims to depict the fundamental values of any subject using basic shapes and round curves, and as a result creates perfectly refined sculptures. He explains that ‘In our hurrying life, where an increasing goal is to let everything thrown away, for me it is the most important aim to let my sculptures be more and more permanent […] that is why I use the most valuable materials and that is why it is so important for me, that the subjects of my sculptures are eternal, comprehensible for all centuries…’ In the words of Jimenez Derreida, analysing Boldi’s work is like analysing a film, where the successive frames all tell a single story. Boldi’s sculptures express the fundamental principles that characterise him as an artist and as a human being: simplicity, integrity, reason and respect for all creatures of nature. Without extraneous sentimentality and without approaching the human figure from a psychological perspective, he captures and depicts the primary sensitivity and internal intricacies of each human being. Both artists are fascinated with the human state in contemporary society, and explore the human body and figure in their work. Through them, the viewer will be given the opportunity to discover a new and exciting reading of the world around us and everything in it, the so-called reality we live in. Text: Boldi, Mózes Incze, Jimenez Derreida, Yota Dimitriou