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STEP 22 | Matter Mythologies

Admission: Free
Performance: 08.11.2019, 18:30
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“If you hold a stone, hold it in your hand
If you feel the weight, you’ll never be late
To understand”
song by Caetano Veloso

Words, as stones, are the result of very long processes of sedimentation. The fluidity of language becomes an illusion when we think of it through different temporalities. A sentence, observed in a long curve of time, is the synthesis of the transformations of time and displacement, and when looked at from very close, it is a solid rock that has accumulated the weight of established narratives of history, of habits and culture, traumas, memories and dreams. Inverting this arrow, minerals can be seen as the syntagms of a land that hold on their combinations, compositions and dissolutions, the multiplicity of the untold and unseen stories of a place.

This project will result in the composition of a ‘sculpture-performance' developed in collaboration with artists Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki and Petros Lolis.

Reconnecting to practices in performance and video, the body in displacement, will articulate the materiality of the spoken word and minerality, reflecting upon language and geology as long-duration-choreographies.

Supported by Creative Europe Programme - I-Portunus and Yellow Brick, Athens

STEP 22 | Matter Mythologies