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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

Enia Gallery

55, Mesologgiou Str., 18545 Piraeus Closed until 05.09.2018 Drive me

Conditioned by Self - Branding | Platforms Project

Admission: Free
Opening: 17.05.2019, 20:00
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Τhe exhibition Conditioned by Self-Branding is a selection of recent works of the artists Clara Juliane Glauert and Guillaume Krick in which motives such as media screens appear as a visual leitmotiv.

The notion of the absurd unites their work; through the content, materials used and their working process alike.

Guillaume Krick's work seems to evoke a sort of fake design, without any visible usefulness apart than of a work of art. «La Taberna», a round table, invites the viewer to sit down and have a good chat, however this is impossible, our view being encumbered by wooden screens blocking any direct contact.

In the series «Commandments» by Clara Juliane Glauert. The artist recycles stereotypes that could have been taken straight out of 'career-booster' bestselling books. Her drawings, inspired by medieval bookpaintings, questions with humour capitalism as an offical religion.

Both artists examine and criticize, but still take part in the world of high competition. The parallels between their work raise the issue of a society of self-branding where the limits between public and private life have long since been blurred. «I got likes, therefore I am» is far from being as liberating as Descartes' original has been.