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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

Come alone

9, Lochagou Giannopoulou Str., 15773 Athens Drive me
Opening: 08.02.2019, 20:00


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‘What the crystal reveals or makes visible is the hidden ground of time, that is, its differentiation into two flows, that of presents which pass and that of pasts which are preserved.’

Deleuze, Cinema II: The Time-Image.

We may have singular lives, but whenever we need to deal with a situation, we estimate immediately which of the past characters, roles and viewpoints we have undertaken will give the desired outcome. The experiences we gain are collected in a memorial showcase and appear whenever they correspond to the issues we are concerned with. We have created a complex of roles, characters and viewpoints associated with past experiences, altered by memory or, imaginary narratives which gives us ground to assess, confront, and predict. The so-called complex of perpetual triangle.

Lost boys in Peter Pan, cannot grow up because they cannot understand how to inhabit roles in stories, how to belong to categories of characters running across story spaces, how to have lives.

Why is it so tragic, then, to separate a totalized identity from the person and, in turn, to embrace a virtual structure of polymorphy? Is it about the loss of principles, or rather self-built protective measures? An identity asks to be preserved through a systematic clearance of boundaries which, by nature, are dirty. The less clear the separation of boundaries is, the less our sensitivity is whenever we perceive an unusual presence on the other side of boundaries.

‘dirt is matter out of place’

Mary Douglas, Purity and Danger.

The space of Come alone features eight artists in an endeavor to call for a review of concepts and standards. A liquefied field emerges from the works, invoking a reason out of place while pushes to follow a seed that moves continuously from one ground to another. A course is drawn from the abolition of physical limits, social and geographic, towards a collective dynamic.

Participating artists: Lucia Bricco, Despina Charitonidi, Phaidonas Gialis, Anna Lauenstein, Panos Profitis, Angelos Schizas, Yorgos Tsakalis, Tugba Varol.

The exhibition will close with a performance by Lucia Bricco.

Curated by Elena Stavraki

Come alone is a multi-functional space, or else, it compiles a house, an art studio, image and sound laboratory, as well as an invitation to each person who’s willing to experiment or share ideas and works in a flexible environment.

Crystals in Soil