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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

Phoenix Athens

87, Asklipiou Str., 11472 Athens Drive me

The Υear of the Pig

Admission: Free
Opening: 19.01.2019, 15:00

Informal Talk: 16:00

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Phoenix Athens presents the show The Year of the Pig by the artistic collective Conte Potuto. During their three-week residency programme at Villa Exarcheia Conte Potuto explored the notion of the found object in relation to the physicality of a contemporary art installation. Inspired by the Athenian urban streets the collective created an on-site installation project located on the top floor of the main gallery premises (residency space).

Their urge to explore the insights of an unknown city led them to build a portal where the visitor is confronted with all the street found material. The portal creates a time, temperature and space gap where the visitor looses orientation and brings himself in a constant movement until he reaches the last section. Conte Potuto aims to create a sense of secrecy and confusion by replacing features of an interior space in arbitrary places of the construction. The aisle highlights the notion of transportation where its end brings the viewer to the locked room and closer to the year of the pig.

The Austrian artists develop an interaction between installation and the spectator from the moment of entering the exhibition space until its final viewing point. The sense of hope and anticipation follow the viewer until the moment of reaching the final door.

About Conte Potuto
Conte Potuto is an artists collective founded in 2016 in Vienna. It engages a different number of people for each project, reaching up to 10 members. Their work has been shown in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz and Zürich. For their exhibition at phoenix gallery Athens, Conte Potuto consists of:
Gabriel Huth (1993, Entschendorfberg) lives and works in Vienna project organization and material based questions.
Jürgen Münzer, (1985, Wolfsberg) lives and works in Vienna architecture and computing.
Daniel Fonatti (1994, Vienna) lives and works in Vienna overlooking the aesthetic outcome of the project.
Fabio Bigi (1996, Zürich), lives and works in Vienna and Zürich concept and text.

The Υear of the Pig