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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

The Breeder

45, Iasonos Str., 10436 Athens Drive me

Karma Mechanics

Admission: Free
Opening: 07.12.2018, 20:00

Tuesday-Friday: 12:00-20:00
Saturday: 12:00-18:00

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The Breeder is pleased to present Angelo Plessas solo exhibition “Karma Mechanics”

“KARMA MECHANICS is a course of study best suited for self-realizing robots. The sooner we come to accept our mechanical, robotic self, the sooner we can find the “mold” and break free. By confessing our “conditioned” robothood, we begin self-realizing as robots, in order to evolve into the humanity we are in essence. This starts when our “true feelings” become more rewarding than our conditioned responses. The challenge is in response-ability.. .the ability to respond creatively to the unknown. “

Extract from “Angel Tech” by Antero Alli  

The text above explores and defines what could be one of the primary strange loops of being human nowadays.  Do we live in a socialist dream of imagining a hyperconnected world, or are we just part of a post-capitalist technocracy? What are the implications of living in an environment where almost everything we do in our lives leaves a digital trace, from simple communication to the use of home appliances? Does the reality of technology create unexpected mental and physical vulnerabilities? Does our domestic life become a “public show” or a self-healing retreat? Does the fetishism of technology escalate in technological superstitions, creating already a “cyberfolklore” or “technopagan” culture?  

The work of Angelo Plessas positions these questions in a space of scientific sensuality and holistic experimentation. The exhibition Karma Mechanics is an environment divided into of compartments dedicated to Science, Nature and Spirituality, using “material” that evolve into rituals and shedding light on the fluid socio-emotional states of our current post-technological life. The show will present alternate scenarios of both utopian or dystopian propositions featuring media such as websites, hand-sewn quilts, video, home appliances and spontaneous rituals.

Karma Mechanics