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25, Andrea Metaxa Str., 10681 Athens Drive me

My Turn

curated by Sebastian Boulter
Admission: Free
Opening: 20.11.2018, 20:00

Tuesday-Friday 17:00-21:00
Saturday: 13:00-16:00

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Vesala’s multi sensory installations combine sculpture, moving image, light and sound to powerful evocative effect. The works often include a human figure. Vesala’s aim is to provoke questions regarding solitary human behavior achieved through subtle gesture and delicate ambience.

We, the viewers, are drawn in to the contained atmosphere, where a profound sense that something notable has or is about to happen lurks within the palpable weight of stillness. We remain in the role of witness, left to ponder the hints to the circumstances surrounding those who are both directly and indirectly present within the works. A truly haunting sense of mystery persists (long after leaving). This feeling of isolation is one of the key themes approached by the artist. The characters in the works face away or inwards preoccupied and belonging to an inner world of their own. We become profoundly aware of the barriers that our bodies provide, barriers between the inner and outer worlds and profoundly aware of the barriers that exist between each other.

Jarno Vesala is a Finnish contemporary artist born in Rauma in 1977. He currently lives and works in Nokia, Finland.
Vesala graduated as a visual artist at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences' degree program in arts and communication in 2004. He has first exhibited in Tampere in 2003. Vesala's works have been featured in Mänttä's art festivals 2008 and 2018, Kluuvi gallery 2009, Pirkanmaa triennial 2009 and 2012, Helsinki Art Museum 2011 and Forum Box 2012. He was selected as the Finnish Young Artist of the Year in 2013. In 2014, Vesala won the Turku Biennale Prize with his work with Krister Gråhn. In addition Vesala has featured in numerous exhibitions internationally including 'Out of Our Heads' curated by James Putnam and Vassiliki Tzanakou in 2014, his debut solo exhibition ‘Being There’ at Anima-Mundi in 2016 and the Nordic Delights festival in Soho, London in 2018.

My Turn