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Hot Wheels Projects

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At the Foyer of Purgatory

Admission: Free
Opening: 13.11.2018, 20:00
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Hot Wheels Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Matilde Cerruti Quara opening on the 13 of November. Events: 20 and 27 November 2018. Salotto I (A public conversation behind close doors) and Salotto II (Readings)... 

Dear HWP, 

I shall begin with the title: At the Foyer of Purgatory. 

A reception room. A dichotomy to deceive the wait: on one side a thoughts-filled corridor, leading to a suspended bubble of immaculate catharsis; on the other, curtains hiding the thick, life lived atmosphere of a salotto, with the portraits of its inhabitants.

If one, well-chosen word can become the perfect synthesis of a sacred, universal truth, words repeated in a loop can become mantras, spells, enchantments of beauty and occasionally, chaos. Originating from the German-Longobard sala, I look at the salotto as a medium. A set-up gathering, a choreographed excuse for conviviality and mundanity, an occasion for intellectual exchange.

In the privileged context of today’s so-called developed countries, shadowed by the long hauling apocalyptic aftermath of the financial crisis, as well as by the presence of horrifying political leaders, we are finally given the chance to conceive, cultivate and tailor our own spirituality, away from pre-imposed, monolithic religions. We have access to enough contents, trained professionals and capacities to do so, hence we can initiate our journeys of healing and rebalance. In today’s Purgatory, everyone is still working on becoming new. 

Do you think that such existential newness is possible? How can we make sure to achieve our own Earthly Paradise? […]

Of smoke and mirrors, rituals and their aesthetics, gong baths and k-holes. Waiting. Appropriating costumes of redemption, of purge, of transcendence, yet perhaps forgetting to talk to each other, missing the chance to escape the eschaton.

I’m very curious to listen to what my guests will have to say, to observe the motion of this contemporary Foucault’s pendulum between catharsis and annihilation, keeping an open mind towards both cigarettes and palo santo, while we sip on a dirty Martini—or do you reckon we should go for Yogi tea?

More to come. Till soon,

Matilde x

At the Foyer of Purgatory