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Project Space Sfera

17, Lamrou Katsoni Str., 11472 Athens Drive me

The lands we Know

Admission: Free
Opening: 15.10.2018, 17:00

Τρίτη-Σάββατο: 14:00-20:00

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From the 15th of October 2018 onwards Sfera hosts the week-long exhibition The Lands we Know with artists from India, France, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria and Togo. Open to the public, there is room for people to fill it with what they want to bring, for exchange and experiment. Athens as an actual key point on the political map becomes a hub for different perceptions of the landscape that surrounds us and the chances it can take or give. 

A selection of A-1 publications will travel to Switzerland where they can be seen as a part of the exhibition An der Kante / On the edge between the 26th of October and the 11th of Novemver 2018 in the Salon Mondial of the Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel.

In September 2018, A-1 publishers set sail to Athens, bringing with them a garden-stage. Assembled from the same stage on which people from Syria, Congo, Palestine, Togo, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran performed songs, danced and recited poetry during two evenings of rare communion, togetherness and kinship in the olive groves, Moria Refugee Camp, the stage sails across the Aegean connecting Lesbos and Athens, ready to receive new songs, music and poetry within the project space Sfera, extending the garden to the Greek mainland.

A-1 publishers -

A-1 is an itinerant publishing house founded in 2017 by Jimmy Granger and Zuri Camille de Souza in Bombay. From February 2018 onwards, they became a floating collaborative platform for publications around the themes of landscapes, borders, coastal ecology and geopolitics. They are a multidirectional non-profit organisation. Through collaboration with interested individuals, their team is always evolving - leading to a dynamic and relevant skill set. This allows them to approach their themes through practical work within communities, as well as put forth resources for people and landscapes to share their stories in tangible ways. 

From May 2018,  A-1 began a collaborative landscaping project in One Happy Family, a community-center located between Mytilini and the refugee camps around Moria. Artists, creatives and an independent radio station were invited aboard Foxy—the A-1 sailboat— to engage with the garden (and its larger context) through myriad ways. Poetry-nights outside Moria Camp, media-skills workshops, live radio sessions and photography projects extended the idea of a publishing house to include new thoughts, initiatives and possibilities within its form.

Dimitra Charamandas is a Swiss - Greek artist. In April 2017, she walked across Greece for three months as part of her project Flat Sphere, documenting what she came across on her journey through recording and photography, drawing and writing. Connecting mythological sites that form the vertexes of a bygone order, her focus lay on nature and (human) interventions into it. Approaching the landscape as an intersection of old and new perceptions, she came upon the traces and shapes of a new (dis-)order. She concentrated on the intentions of putting into an order, of using, of splitting, of taming the land: She collected the interruptions of the organic, on the interface of constructed and natural. Sometimes human interventions, sometimes nature itself set limitations. In the context of the exhibition The lands we Know A-1 publishers will launch a publication by her. The notes and observations brought together in this publication were made in July 2018 in the context of the project Grow Together on Lesvos - a collaborative landscaping project initiated by  A-1 publishers.

Since the end of 2017 Dimitra Charamandas is both working in Solothurn, Switzerland, and in Athens, where she develops Flat Sphere further, using a small store space in the city center as a studio to paint and as an open project space at times: Sfera.