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Mythology of Our Current Condition of Life-Greece

Admission: Free
Performance: 04.07.2018, 18:00
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Danish Artist & Thinker Helene Lundbye Petersen works from the premise that we are faced with a new human condition. We’re more people than ever before, brought closer together than ever before, and crises have arisen because we haven’t figured out how to live together yet. She has spent the last seven years creating a series of 11 handwritten​ books titled ​Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces wherein 11 existential them​ es are each tied to a Colour. This series​ inspires a new foundation for being human by reminding us of the universal language of being which connects​ ​us rather than dividing us.
Lundbye Petersen is now unfolding this philosophical artwork in relation to iconic sites around the world. She aims to highlight the wisdom of these places and use her art to show that the 11 coloured Spaces are not new, but have always been present.
Ancient Greece plays an essential role in understanding culture and politics in the Western world. In Helene Lundbye Petersen’s latest series of works, she wishes to reinvigorate some of Greece’s most mythic sites and explore their philosophical meaning. She has focused on the sub-series in ​Colour Spectrum
Mythology of Our Current Condition of Life in which five Goddesses each stand for one aspect of human existence. The artist performed the opening chapters of each of these five books for each of the ancient locations.
The Blue Book - Ode to Wisdom was performed for the Hephaisteion in the Ancient Athenian Agora.
The Orange Book - Ode to Pleasure was performed for the Pan Cave on Mount Penteli​. The Red Book - Ode to Battle was performed for the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.
The Green Book - Ode to Love was performed for the sea near the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio.
The Yellow Book - Ode to Balance was performed for the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Each of these performances was captured in photographic ‘Spatial Portraits’ by photographer Morten Eggert. These Spatial Portraits seek to manifest existential connections between antiquity and contemporaneity, inviting audiences to reconsider the relevance of these well-known spaces and discover their wisdom anew.
As an ode to the symposia of Greek antiquity, an exhibition of these Spatial Portraits will take place as part of a Performance Symposium. The evening will begin with Lundbye Petersen performing the opening chapters from her five books and exhibiting the Spatial Portrait series. Afterwards the Symposium will culminate in a dialogue, engaging experts from the fields of archaeology, mythology, and classical art to generate new knowledge. The evening’s speakers will include:

Jenifer Niels, Ph.D.
Director of the American School of Classical Studies

Kristina Winther-Jacobsen, Ph.D.
Director of the Danish Institute at Athens

Nektarios Yioutsos, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Athens

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Doors will open at 18.00.
Please be advised that the doors will be closed at 18.30.More on the artist can be found at ​​.