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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

Alma Contemporary Art Gallery

24, Ypsilantou Str., 10676 Athens Drive me

Corrections and Tunings

curated by Yannis Bolis
Admission: Free
Opening: 10.05.2018, 19:30
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With his new work, Haralabos Katsatsidis validates the quality and the possibilities, the solid artistic education, the complex experimentation, the coherence and the consistency, the wide and the conquered maturity of his artistic and plastic research.
Large-scale projects reveal the full possession of expressive means, the experience and knowledge of the problems of form and design, composition, structure and space, the function of color.
The material, its handling and its processing, claim a primary position in the Painting Act.
A touch of fluid color becomes the starting point for the creation of a whole universe of shapes – peculiar and riveting, ambiguous and cryptic – where the figuration is involved with the abstract.
The plasticity, density and scuffle of the shapes, the expressionist deformities, the intensity of the black and the chromatic flashes, the design acuity and the dominant grids of the lines, the strength and roughness of the gestural painting, create counterpoints and balances, movements, routes and postures, impart rhythm and dynamism, clarity and vitality.
The creator "corrects" and "synchronizes" lines, colors and shapes, organizes, with precision, the painting field, relationships and encounters of patterns and forms, the ambiguous, fluid and elliptical spaces of narratives and stories, transformations and transpositions.
A whole world, paradoxical, ambivalent and shattered, emerges like a meteor on the verge between fantasy, dream and reality.
A world where the Biblical Ark coexists with Salome, the monstrous men's forms (which sometimes reveal their feminine side) and the animal like figures, a world where cruelty, morbidity and eroticism coexist with sensitivity and fragility, in an atmosphere of uncertainty, anxiety and agitation, dramatic passion and romantic-lyrical mood.
The compositions of H. Katsatsidis reflect a particular psyche (soul), an internal way of experiencing reality, give the impression that they emanate directly from the subconscious, reveal and conceal, communicate and interact, are imposed by the monumentality, exude emotion and truth, are opened in multiple readings and approaches, in an area of allegories about life and love, violence and death, adventures and anxieties of existence.
The close viewing of compositions of such large dimensions creates a different condition, intended by their creator.
The viewer is invited not only to come to a more direct contact with the painting process but also to find themselves at the core of these works, to "navigate" through them, to search in the deciphering of their secrets, to seek out their sign tones and his/her own symbolic and emotional references.

Corrections and Tunings