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Radio Athènes

15, Petraki Str., 10563 Athens Drive me

A Book Affair #1 - The Golden Jaguar with a Thin Red Stripe

curated by Helena Papadopoulos
Admission: Free
Event: 11.05.2018, 19:30

Wednesday: 16:00-20:00
Saturday: 13:00-17:00
or by appointment

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A Goethe-Institut & Radio Athènes project

A BOOK AFFAIR is a term used to describe a situation in which one is reading a short casual fun book, while attempting to read a much longer more complex book. In this spirit, we are creating a temporary library/stage which will be open to the public for the run of several months (May-November 2018). Within this period we are inviting Greek and international publishers, authors, editors and artists to present their work in lectures, talks, performances, and book signings. The selection spans art, theory, fashion, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, a mix of ‘fun books’ and more ‘complex reading'.

Approached as a performance unfolding over a 5-month period, it consists of lecture-performances, visual interventions, discussions, book presentations, readings and live music. The link between editors, artists, publishers, writers, choreographers and theorists involved in A BOOK AFFAIR is contemporary art and reading as a state / activity that involves not only the mind but also the body, in creating meaning and a new poetics. Reading as a methodological and transformational bridge. A BOOK AFFAIR is an experiment that approaches the library as a space of inter-textuality, creation, un-creation, and recreation-to borrow some concepts that Michel Foucault evokes in his essay "Fantasia of the Library" (1977). Local audiences and invited guests can exchange ideas, information and have access to one of the oldest forms of pleasure: books. 

The presentations / events, will take place in *the library and auditorium of the GoetheInstitut, *the auditorium of the Benaki Museum, *at Radio Athènes which is transformed by Berlin based architect Etienne Descloux into a ‘stage’ as well as a ‘vessel’ for the collection of objects, books and works of art that will be presented as the project evolves *and in surprising locations in the city, depending on the format each participant chooses. An organic part of A Book Affair will be the Radio Athènes library that includes titles selected by artists and collaborators over the last three years.

#1 Giti Nourbakhsch: The Golden Jaguar with a Thin Red Stripe

Launch of her newly published illustrated book and exhibition featuring works by the author, Berta Fischer and fashion designers Rubin & Chapelle, NY Imbedded in the form of a play script, The Golden Jaguar with a Thin Red Stripe narrates loosely in monologues, which sometimes turn into dialogues, the coexistence of three characters, Bibi, Fzzi and Sitting Lady in an artificial space, a stage. Ix, a voice, is heard. A narrator connects the characters from a point of view perspective, visualizing the unspoken. He appears to describe each reality. Lonely Man is present.

Another mute main protagonist is the golden Jaguar. A single object on a stage, inspired and contextualized by stage designer Katrin Brack, a reminiscence. The Golden Jaguar with a Thin Red Stripe is a collage of different found text fragments and various stories told. Illustrated.

A Book Affair #1 - The Golden Jaguar with a Thin Red Stripe

Photo courtesy of Giti Nourbakhsch