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Cover series: #6 Alexandros Simopoulos (aka thisisopium)

State of Concept

19, Tousa Botsari Str., 11741 Athens Wednesday-Friday: 16:30-20:30 / Saturday: 13:00-17:00 / or by appointment Drive me

Towards New Horizons

curated by Iliana Fokianaki
Admission: Free
Opening: 02.03.2018, 19:00
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The exhibition is an overview presentation of the artistic practice of Alavanou, entitled “Towards New Horizons” and curated by iLiana Fokianaki.

The artist will present together with older works the first pilot act of a new virtual reality project entitled "New Horizons - Pilot", commissioned and produced by Onassis Culture. The pilot project acts as a prologue to a new body of works consisting of two visual arts films with 3D stereoscopic virtual reality shots (VR360) and has as a departure point both the conceptual and technological strategies of the futuristic film “To New Horizons” presented to the Futurama exhibition in 1940 as part of the international exhibition EXPO - 1939 in New York.

Loukia Alavanou has been working with film for over a decade. Her references stem from cinema, and in particular Walt Disney's early films, UK post-war documentaries, educational films from the United States but also the filmography of Ingmar Bergman. With direct references to a Greek modernity, the artist places her narrative between the West and the particular morphology of Greece, embroiling her works with images and symbolisms from the political history of post-dictatorial Greece, as well as the cultural signifiers of the European North. Below such visual and acoustic stimuli, one can trace a pre-occupation of Alavanou with the feminine presence in film and its established symbolisms in the contemporary language of visual and cinematic production.

"New Horizons - Pilot" is commissioned and produced by Onassis Culture.

Towards New Horizons